Where to drink in San Diego

My friend Andy and I were in San Diego this week for a business trip. We both like beer, and it’s always fun to see what another town has to offer. Portland has such a good beer community that I’m always expecting something inferior everywhere else.

We happened to be in town during San Diego Beer Week. A nice coincidence, for sure. We ended up going to three places:

  • Blind Lady Ale House, in Normal Heights
  • Small Bar, in University Heights
  • Toronado Bar, in North Park

I have to say that all three were equally awesome, and completely different from each other. Blind Lady felt like it could have been the Lucky Lab or similar in Portland, so it felt the most at home. Small Bar had a classic college pub feel, and Toronado had a great dive bar feel. All three had excellent beer selections. At least a couple dozen choices at each.

Google for their locations. Good times await.