Running update, day 110

Following up on my last post about becoming a runner, I’ve made quite a bit of progress in the last 35 days:

  • I ran 33 out of 35 days.
  • Total distance: 153.25 miles.
  • Average distance: 4.64 miles.
  • Average pace: 8:23 / mile.

During this time, I set personal records in the 5K (22:18 = 7:19/mile pace) and 10K (47:29 = 7:39/mile pace). This is soooooo much faster than when I started, which was roughly 10:00/mile pace over three miles. This kind of improvement was … unexpected.

And my weight is still moving in the right direction: down 6.4 more pounds, for a total of 31.4 pounds since the beginning of the year. Less than 10 pounds to go. Yeah!

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